Now Offering Physiotherapy & Massage


We are flexible in our services and we would be more than happy to tailor your home care, community or residential aged care support service to include any or all of the following:

New or Improved Service

We can easily set up the systems needed for the efficient operation of a new physiotherapy service. We are equally at home improving upon an existing service

Assessments of Function

We can quickly and accurately identify abilities, limitations and impairments to inform your resource utilisation

Pain Management

We offer therapeutic interventions to manage ongoing pain

Manual handling Training

We offer a "train-the-trainer" approach or we can provide direct and regular training to staff to minimise the risk of injury to themselves and to consumers


Knowledge is power and we will happily share our expertise with any of your key personnel, care staff or families

Falls Management

We offer a comprehensive, contemporary and multimodal approach to prevent and reduce the number of falls and to minimise the risk of injury from falls

Mobility aids

Prescription, fitment and maintenance—no other provider offers the level of attention that we do to ensuring that assistive devices are safe, well-maintained and appropriate to the individual. Mobility aids are a crucial and often overlooked part of an older adult's ability to engage in meaningful activities

Restorative Care

Historically, rehabilitation has been difficult to provide in institutional aged care, however we have come up with ways to incorporate reablement into our day-to-day service, eclipsing the traditional methods of one-on-one rehab

Maximising Government Funding

There is no need for expensive, external ACFI consultants. We work directly with your team to optimise Medicare claims through carefully-documented functional assessments and by providing clinically-indicated treatment for ongoing pain

Interventions & Consultation on Complex Cases

Chest physiotherapy, acute injury assessment, post-hospital reviews, case conferences and collaboration with local medical officers are just a few things we do to keep your operation ticking with the best possible healthcare

Why outsource your allied health service?

Leave the human resourcing to us. We utilise the very best practitioners and provide you with an uninterrupted service. We strongly value continuity of care and we set ourselves apart by bringing you the same friendly face day in and day out.

Our services are aimed at your day-to-day quality indicators and we are dedicated to lowering the incidences of skin tears, bruising, pressure areas, falls and staff incidents. We also eliminate the need for any physical restraints.

The company prides itself on being culturally-competent and it adheres to the Aged Care Quality Standards, providing consumer-centred care and involving the family wherever possible in the care of their loved one. We work toward achieving the best possible outcomes for consumers, understanding the importance of regular communication and consultation with relevant stakeholders, in order to facilitate a best-practice approach.

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